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Cancellation of JC Wings ANA Star Wars aircraft models

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We recently heard from the legal team at Disney. JC Wings were scheduled to release 1/200 and 1/400 diecast airplane models of the ANA Star Wars themed aircraft. It turns out that JC Wings did not get approval from Disney or ANA and it turns out that these airplane models are unlicensed.

Disney are rightly supporting their intellectual property rights and have blocked the sale of these items in the USA. These items will not be legally provided by any retailer in the USA.

If you have placed an order through RW Hobbies you should have already received an email with an explanation; along with a full refund. I have also issued a coupon which can be used towards an upcoming order for those affected. 

This is outside our control and we understand that collectors are very disappointed. Please email with any questions relating to this. 

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