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No more special order items

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With ever increasing shipping costs I have made the decision to remove the ability from my store for people to place special orders.

There are literally thousands of models and as a small store it is impossible to stock them all. I have had the practice in place for the past 3 years where people could special order what I did not have in stock and then I would get it from the distributor on my next inventory order, within a couple of weeks. Unfortunately as of today the distributor has stopped offering free shipping on volume orders. This has meant that on every model I receive now, there is about $4-6 of inbound shipping. I am not passing this onto my customers or increasing prices. I will somehow find a way to absorb the cost. The goal of my site as a fellow collector was/ is to provide people with the best prices and service possible.

I will continue to stock the main/ popular items and also continue to offer pre-orders on all new Skymarks and GeminiJets.

On a positive side, the website has been updated. It has been "de-cluttered". Meaning every item now displayed (other than pre-orders) is physically in-stock and will ship within 24 hours!

I appreciate your understanding.


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